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              3. Welcome to FOSHAN BEST EXTRUSION TECH CO.,LTD!

                Below 32mm dual strand pipe extrusion line

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                1.   The features of our dual strand downstreamequipments is with two sets of independent control loops. Speed of each linecan be adjusted separately, and it can even produce pipes with different diameters at the same time.

                2.   Save space effectively for production site.

                3.   Reduce technical difficulty for workers tooperate, and also reduce process requirements at the same time. Suitable for the high speed pipes less than 32mm. The linespeed can achieve 40m/min with stable operation

                The solutions of below 32mm dual strand pipe extrusion line:

                Machine No. Extruder Extrusioin die Vaccum calibrator Cooling bath Haul-off and cutter combination Stacker
                TYPE CE75-36L MD32S VD32-9 BD32-9 HCD32 TD32-4
                Characteristic *High plasticizing rate and excellent melt uniformity

                *Dual strand die head

                *For 16-32mm diameter

                *Co-extrusion with color stripe

                *Control the double vacuum chamber alone

                *Immersing mode

                *Design of dual strand

                *Vortex flowing

                *Compact design

                *Two sets of independent control loops

                *Flying knife cutter with swarfless and high efficiency

                *Automatic unloading with packing table

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