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              3. Welcome to FOSHAN BEST EXTRUSION TECH CO.,LTD!

                Haul off with caterpillar

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                • Even at a low coefficient of friction between the pipe and the belt/rubber blocks, the cylinder with large size can still guarantee a very high traction.
                • The lower caterpillars can be set mechanically/electrically to the pipe, and the upper caterpillars/rubber blocks are pressed onto the pipe pneumatically.
                • Each caterpillar driven by a separate induction motor. Achieving synchronization control through the digital controller, can ensure that all caterpillars are precisely synchronized speed.
                • The haul-off with three caterpillars and above is equipped with the imported LENZE motor. The haul-off with two caterpillars is equipped with NORD motor.
                • The imported encoder ensures that the speed will feedback to motor correctly and stably.

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