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              3. Welcome to FOSHAN BEST EXTRUSION TECH CO.,LTD!


                Company Overview】

                FOSHAN BEST EXTRUSION TECH. CO., LTD was established in 2008. It is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in research, production and selling all kinds of plastic extrusion machinery. Our senior employees have been engaged in this field as  outstanding personnel for many years and served for the famous international extrusion machinery enterprise more than a decade. We keep the rigorous design and standardization manufacturing process. Our equipments are positioned in high-end standard. Our goal is to provide high quality equipments and good after-sales service for our customers.

                Since the establishment of the company, we're accepted from numerous enterprises and social groups. So far our long-term clients include: Changzhou Mingzhu Plastic Co., Ltd, Weixing Group, etc.

                At the end of 2017, the company completed the share reform to become a company limited and was awarded the certificate of high-techenterprises. At the same time, it successfully listed on the financial marketin Guangdong Province (enterprise code: 230198).

                Productsand Service Scope】

                1. HDPE pipe extrusion line, pipe size 16-1600mm;

                2. PPR/PERT/PB pipe high-speed extrusionline with speed up to 40m/min;

                3. Multilayer pipe extrusion line;

                4. PVC profile and pipe extrusionline;

                5. Providingspare parts, after-sales service, technical support & upgrade for importedbrand extrusion machinery.

                Company History 】

                Our Certificate 】

                Follow Us

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